Smart Building Show London

  • 27.11.2023

Thank you very much for all UK and international visitors coming to see our new Smart Multi-Function Sensors, Intelligent Touchscreen Room Controllers, LoraWan wireless controllers and gateways, and all other new releases on the Smart Building Show in London.

We had extremely successful show with great deal of interest on our modern, smart looking and intelligent controllers and sensors and new product releases. Our product range now includes:-

  • Smart Temperature, CO2, VOC and 4-in-1 (accurate sensing, touchscreen room interface, remote BMS I/O, built-in controls) Sensors with BACnet, Modbus, LoraWan
  • TCR10/QCR10/TCR11/QCR11 Intelligent Temperature and CO2 controllers with most comprehensive control logic in the market
  • TVR20/QVR20 Pressure Independent and Cascade Temperature Controllers for the VAV Terminal Unit Market
  • TCR4/QCR4 Compact LCD Room Temperature Controllers with Tactile Buttons

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you next time in the show or elsewhere. As usual do not hesitate to contact us!