Air Quality Control - CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Senticon is a specialist in indoor air quality measurement and control. Over past years there has been renewed focus on improving the indoor air quality to provide better and safer working conditions. At the same time the energy costs are increasing making it important that control systems operate within budgets. Senticon has both Smart Air Quality Sensors such as QER and VER, and air quality controllers such as QCR. The products measure accurately CO2 content in the indoor air, and provide means to boost ventilation based on the demand.

QCR BACnet and Modbus air quality controllers measure CO2 levels, indicate the measurements on the colour touchscreen, advise when the levels exceed the amber colour and red colour limits, and automatically boost the ventilation. At the same time the controllers monitor the room temperature and optimise both the air quality and the comfort.

QCR controllers can also be fitted additional VOC (volatile organic compound) sensor. VOC sensors are suitable for e.g. changing rooms as they can detect odors and smells. The QCR controllers can combine ventilation control strategies based on both CO2 and VOC levels. In addition the controllers monitor temperature and can offer multi-staged control e.g. for Fan Coil Units.

The diagram below illustrates the Air Quality and Temperature Comfort control for QCR controllers.

CO2 Control Example