Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi in Kuopio Finland and its 170 rooms were upgraded with the modern Senticon's TCR11 Touchscreen temperature controllers. In each of the room the TCR11-MOD-TS controllers are automatically keeping the room space temperature at the required levels. The TCR11-MOD-TS controllers control the heating and cooling in the fan coil units. The flexibility of TCR controllers allowed the existing 3-point cooling actuators to be utilised offering a cost effective solution. The TCR10 controllers make the user setpoint adjustment easy through it's capacitive touchscreen. Both black and white colour versions were applied to match with the building decor. The controllers were connected to BMS through Modbus RS485 network.


Tikkurilantie offices in Vantaa Finland were updated using Senticon's unique LoraWan controllers. These provide new, energy efficient, modern controls with easy to use interface. In this project 160 existing controllers were replaced by TCR10/QCR10 LoraWan Colour Touchscreen Temperature and CO2 controllers.

The TCR10/QCR10 series controllers offer wireless connectivity using long distance LoraWan communication. With ingenious configurable LoraWan payload packages it was possible to send wirelessly required measurements and status signals to the BMS. In addition the BMS sends the operating mode and setpoint values back to controller providing fully integrated solution. 

The whole solutions was covered with a single LoraWan Application Server and a singles wireless LoraWan gateway. The LoraWan Application Server converts the LoraWan payload messages to the open Modbus TCP protocol.



Vacation cottages close to famous Ruka Ski Resorts in Finland were fitted with QER10 CO2 and temperature sensors for monitoring the indoor air quality. The TCR10 touchscreen controllers were added to control the room temperature. The key advantages for using Senticon's Colour Capacitive touchscreen devices were large clear multi-colour LCD, simple user-interface, and the capability to incorporate different measurements such as temperature, CO2 and VOC to a single device.

The modern classic design and black colour of the QER10 and TCR10 suit the style of traditional Finnish cottages made from round logs. The accurate temperature control logic provides essential advanced control in harsh Finnish winter conditions.



Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Helsinki, Finland, was renovated with the new TCR11-MOD-TS touchscreen controllers. The renovation included upgrade to its 309 rooms and full integration to the Building Management System.
The TCR11 controllers control the existing fan coil units that are fitted with Honeywell 3-point actuators. The controllers control heating and cooling coils of the fan coil units, and modulate automatically the fan speed. Part of the project was customisation of the touchscreen interface to meet the Radisson custom requirements which Senticon's R&D team carried out fast and effectively.
The controllers are connected to BMS via Modbus network, and send all operational information to the central system. 



Brand new Dalarna High School in Falun, Sweden, was fitted with 153 x TCR11/QCR11 room temperature and CO2 controllers. The controllers had also occupancy sensor incorporated to allow automatic switching to unoccupied mode when movement in the space is detected.

The QCR11 CO2 and temperature controllers monitor and and control both temperature and carbon dioxide levels. In case of increased CO2 content the controllers will automatically boost the ventilation levels providing comfortable conditions in the class rooms and auditoriums. The touchscreen interface allows also display of 'traffic light' alarm display in case of increased CO2 content. The touchscreen interface can be locked for unauthorised access providing access to settings only for teachers and maintenance personnel.

The controllers were connected via Modbus RS485 communication to the Building Management System. The advanced built-in control logic allows the controllers to operate independently from the BMS.



Old people's home in Halmstad, Sweden was fitted with 200 x TCR11/QCR11-MOD-RH-OE Modbus room controllers. The controllers control individual rooms for temperature, humidity and occupancy. In common areas controllers with additional built-in CO2 sensing were installed to provide automatic boost of the ventilation as required.

The built-in occupancy sensor on both TCR11 temperature and QCR11 temperature and CO2 controllers provides energy efficiency as it automatically allows the system to operate in setback conditions in when no occupancy is detected. The smart multi-trigger mode of the TCR/QCR controllers allows the system prevent false detections.



New Office Building in Uppsala, Sweden, was fitted with 25 x Senticon's TCR11-MOD-TS-W and QCR11-MOD-TS-W controllers. The controllers control temperature and air quality in the new modern open space offices.

The controllers have colour capacitive touchscreens allowing the users easily to modify the environmental conditions. Accurate, clear display allows simple and effective interrogation of the system and measurements. Alarm display provides further feedback on environment's conditions. 

The controllers are connected to the central Building Management System via open Modbus communication protocol. The Modbus protocol provide easy access to all building information from a single central location or over the remote access.



The brand new Fyllingeskolan, Primary and Secondary School in Halmstad, Sweden, was equipped with 80 x TCR11/QCR11 Temperature, Humidity and CO2 controllers. The controllers control the indoor environment, temperature conditions and indoor air quality. The controllers have intelligent control logic that makes the indoor environment to meet the latest air quality requirements.

The controllers are connected with the open BACnet MS/TP network to the Building Management System. The TCR/QCR controllers BACnet implementation allows easy and fast discovery of the devices and their objects. This facilitates fast and reliable integration to the BMS. 


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