BACnet , Modbus and LoraWan IoT and BMS Connectivity

Senticon's TCR/QCR controllers and TER/MER/VER/QER Smart room sensors are available with open Modbus. BACnet and LoraWan Wireless Connectivity making them as ideal products to integrate to Building Management Systems and IoT monitoring solutions.

BACnet MS/TP Networking Connectivity

Senticon xCR intelligent controllers and xER smart sensors come with BACnet MS/TP connection. The BACnet MS/TP allows a standard method of connecting the devices to the Building Management Systems (BMS) and IoT (Internet of Things). Senticon BACnet MS/TP devices support standard BACnet objects for the parameter discovery and system interrogation. The parameter discovery makes the configuration and connection simple and intuitive.

Senticon BACnet MS/TP devices support also COV (change-of-value). This allows further network optimisation by sending the information to the BACnet Client (BMS or IoT) only when it has changed. Senticon BACnet controllers and sensors can be configured fully over the BACnet network. The controllers support device configuration objects that allows access to all configuration parameters over the BACnet network.

Modbus RS485 Standard Networking Capability

Senticon xCR and xER intelligent controllers and smart room sensors are available with industry standard Modbus RTU RS485 connection. The devices come with over-voltage protection on the RS485 network providing a robust and proven communication path to BMS and IoT.  The devices can be fully configured over the Modbus communications network, and support the standard Modbus messages such as Input and Holding Registers. 

To make installation easy the device address and baud rate can be configured via the built-in DIP switch, via the Windows / iOS configuration tools or from the capacitive touchscreen on the -TS models. 

BACnet and Modbus Network Example

LoraWan Wireless Long-Range Communications

 technology provide wireless long-range communication to the LoraWan gateways/application server, and from there either to the IoT systems (e.g. The Things Network)  or directly to the BMS through the local network server that connects to BMS e.g via standard Modbus connection. All Senticon's controllers and sensors can be fitted with the LoraWan communications. The TCR/QCR controllers are unique in the market that offer intelligent local control and communication to the BMS using the LoraWan cmmunications. These features make them ideal for the retrofit applications where the devices are integrated to the Building Management System.

LoraWan Network Example