Cost Effective way of Upgrading Existing Controllers using LoraWan

  • 25.01.2024

What is the cost effective way of upgrading existing stand-alone controllers and connecting them to BMS? LoraWan!
Senticon's unique LoraWan controllers have been successfully used to upgrade existing controllers to new, energy efficient, modern ones in projects like a large office building in Finland. In this project 170 existing controllers were replaced by TCR10/QCR10 LoraWan Colour Touchscreen Temperature and CO2 controllers.
The TCR10/QCR10 series controllers offer wireless connectivity using long distance LoraWan communication. With ingenious configurable LoraWan payload packages it is possible to tailor the BMS both monitor the building as well as to send settings such as setpoint and current operating mode to the controllers over LoraWan network. LoraWan offers proven long transmission distance and is therefore ideal for retrofit projects in buildings.
Now using TCR10 and QCR10 controllers the rooms can be upgraded to new energy efficient standards, and connected without expensive and complicated cabling.
Senticon can offer both controllers and LoraWan gateways/application servers that provide link to BMS via Modbus/BACnet. Private LoraWan network is used so no need for monthly connection licenses.

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