The Modbus Device Configuration tool is MS Windows based configuration tool that can be used for the Smart Room Sensor and Intelligent Room Controller configuration over the Modbus communication network. The software is connected via Serial to RS485 converter to the Modbus RS485 network. The tool software is used with the Modbus variants of the controllers and sensors.

Using the tool the device configuration can changed to the site requirements, and a backup can be stored in the local computer. Using backups it is easy and fast to copy configuration from one device to other in case where multiple same type of devices are deployed on the project.

  • Windows 10/11 based Device Configuration Tool
  • Used for the Modbus variants of the xER (QER/TER/MER/VER) sensors and xCR (QCR10/TER10/QCR11/TER11) controllers
  • On connection the appropriate Device Template is automatically loaded
  • Simple to use menu structure for device configuration
  • Consistent structure to product documentation
  • Upload, download  and save the configuration files to the computer e.g. on multi-product installation and/or back-up
  • Offline configuration possibility
  • Option to load specific Device Interface Template files


Download the latest version from the Downloads tab including:-

  • v1.0.0.12 Software
  • xCR1 json file v1.41 (TCR/QCR10/11 controllers) 
  • xER json file for v1.33 (TER10, MER10, VER10, QER10 sensors)
  • xCR0 json file v1.01 (TCR4/QCR4 controllers)

Modbus Device Configuration Tool Software

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