SmartView is an iOS User App for iPhone and iPad  that can be used to modify Senticon's TCR/QCR intelligent room controller and TER/MER/VER/QER smart room sensor settings. The app connects to the device using the Bluetooth wireless connectivity (the built-in Bluetooth option -BLE). 

First time when the SmartView application connects to the device it automatically builds the display for the sensor/controller based on its model and configuration. The information typically presented is the measeruements, setpoints, fan speed and operating mode. The device current values are updated in real-time, and using e.g. rotary setpoint slider it is easy and convenient to change the required (e.g) temperature setpoint.

In order to connect to the devices, the devices themselves have to have the built-in Bluetooth (BLE-option). Alternatively you can use the BLE Device Dongle plugged into the Device's programming port for temporary connection (e.g. for demonstration).

  • iPhone / iPad app for Device Settings
  • Uses Bluetooth Connection
  • Automatically Builds the Device Profile on Connection
  • Live Data View of the Device Information
  • Simple and Clear User Interface for the Setpoint and Other Setting Adjustments

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SmartView iPhone/iPad User App

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