The TCR81 Series Controllers are ceiling mounted room controllers for flexible control of room spaces. The controllers can be connected to a TDR20/QDR20 room display panel using the USB-C cable, making installation and connection simple. The controller built-in universal inputs can be used with cable sensors. The room interface panels have temperature measurement, setpoint, fan speed, boost function and operating mode selection (configurable). In addition the room interface panels can have optional humidity, VOC, CO2 and occupancy measurements.
The TCR81 controllers have flexible control logic configuration and are suitable for room and zone control applications. Additional functionality is provided making them also suitable for small Air Handling Units. The controllers have wireless LoraWan communication to the BMS systems. Senticon's LoraWan controllers have unique configurable uplink and downlink LoraWan messaging system allowing effective integration to Building Management Systems. Optional Bluetooth wireless interface provides connection to Smart Phone App interface (iOS).
The TCR81 Series LoraWan controllers can be configured using Windows Device Configuration Tool (connected wirelessly via Bluetooth, or using USB-SERIAL isolated serial cable) or using SmartPhone app (iOS). The controllers have IP65 rated enclosure with cable glands, and are available with 24V or 230V power supply. Ample space is provide for wiring. The wiring connectors are pluggable, and wires can be inserted fast using push technology terminal blocks.
  • 2 x Universal Inputs for NTC10 Temperature, 0-10Vdc (CO2, Humidity, Pressure etc.) or Volt-Free Contacts
  • 2 x TDR20/QDR20 Room Interfaces with Temperature, Humidity, VOC, CO2 and Occupancy
  • Average Function for using Average Temperature in Control Logic
Control Functions CONTROL LOGIC:-
  • 6-Stage Temperature Control Loop (3-Stages Heating and 3-Stages Cooling)
  • Three Operating Modes, Occupied, Unoccupied and Off)
  • Change-Over Control Logic (Heating/Cooling based on temperature, contact status or network signal)
  • High/low limit cascade control (e.g. protecting floor surfaces or preventing condensation)
  • Maximum function allows flexible configuration e.g. for combined CO2 and temperature control)
  • Comprehensive EC Fan Control Logic
  • 3-Speed Fan Control Logic
  • CO2 Air Quality Control
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Air Quality Control
  • Humidifying and de-humidifying Control (de-humidifier or with cooling interlock)
  • Outside air free cooling logic for mixing dampers 
Communication Protocol
  • LoraWan Wireless Communication
  • RS485 to TDR20/QDR20 Room Interfaces (via USB-C cable connection, Modbus Master)
Power Supply 24Vac/dc or 230Vac
Universal Inputs 2 x Universal Inputs (NTC10, 0-10V, Digital Volt-Free)
Analogue Outputs 4 x Analogue 0-10Vdc Outputs, Max 2mA
Digital Outputs 2 x 24Vac Triacs (required 24Vac or 230V power supply)

TCR81 LoraWan Ceiling Mounted Room Controller, 2UI, 4AO, 2DO, 2x Room Interfaces

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