The TCR11 Series LoraWan Controllers have been designed to be wall mounted universal temperature controllers in room spaces. The controllers are suitable for a wide range of applications and have pre-defined application logic that covers most room control heating and cooling systems such as fan coil units, chilled ceilings, zone heating, variable air volume dampers etc. With LoraWan option the controllers can connect wirelessly to the IoT or the Building Management Systems.

The TCR11 Series LoraWan controllers can have additional VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), Relative Humidity or PIR Occupancy sensors. Additional VOC, dehumidity/humidity control loops expand the multi-functional controller further.

The room controllers are supplied with an attractive colour touchscreen display with glass front that provides intuitive user interface. The display colour scheme can be tailored using different skin colours. The controllers are mounted on the wall surface directly or to standard wall mounting boxes. The controllers have built-in Modbus RS485 communication that allow interaction to the BMS systems (Building Management Systems). Optional Bluetooth wireless interface provides connection to Smart Phone App interface (iOS).

The TCR11 LoraWan controllers can be configured using Windows Device Configuration Tool (connected wirelessly using Bluetooth) or from SmartConfig iOS app. The TCR11 controllers are available in white and black (in addition to the touchscreen colour skins).
  • Room Temperature
Optional Measurements
  • Relative Humidity (-RH Option)
  • Relative Humidity and VOC Volatile Organic Compounds (-RH-VOC Option)
  • Movement / Occupancy (-OE Option)
Control Functions
  • 6-Stage PI Control Loop (3 x Cooling, 3 x Heating)
  • Auxiliary PI Control Loop (Heating/Cooling)
  • Humidify / De-Humidify PI Control Loop
  • VOC Air Quality PI Control Loop
  • Low / High Temperature Control (Reset and Cascade Control)
  • Change-Over Control (Heating/Cooling)
  • EC Fan Control
  • Dew Point Control 
  • Condensation Control
  • Maximum Demand (e.g. Cooling and VOC for VAV)
  • Extension Timer / Boost Control
  • 0-10V Modulating and 6-Way Valve Control
  • Damper Control
  • PWM Pulse-Width Modulation Control for Thermic Actuators
  • On/Off Control for Thermic Actuators
  • 3-Point Raise/Lower Control for Actuators
  • Valve Exercise - Anti-Jam Function
Communication Protocol

LoraWan Wireless Communication, 868MHz (other regions available)

Modbus RS485 Communication Protocol, RS485 Over-Voltage Protected

Power Supply


Universal Inputs 2 x Universal Inputs (NTC10, 0-10V, Digital Volt-Free)
Analogue Outputs 1 x Analogue 0-10Vdc Output, Max 2mA
Digital Outputs 4 x 24Vac Triacs (max 1A) 

TCR11-MOD-LRA LoraWan Room Temperature Controller, 2UI, 1AO, 4DO

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